decentralised broadcast.

db is a peer-to-peer broadcasting service, owned and funded by its listeners, DJ’s, and producers.

Listeners subscribe to db for €5/mo. In return, they receive full access to a DRM-free library of audio content, including radio panels, DJ sets, recorded lectures, commissioned audio works, and audiobooks, updated monthly.

Content produced by db will focus on topics of:

Each month, new content is commissioned by db, inviting new voices onto the network to explore the above topics. A pool is created each month, using funds from listener subscriptions and donations to pay producers, DJs, and artists for their work.

Any surplus funding from db’s monthly pool can either be re-invested back into the network, or re-distributed back to subscribers and contributors (each subscriber and contributor chooses how their cut is delegated).

To begin, db will start with a minimum monthly pool of €500. As subscriber numbers grow, so too will the value of the pool, which is announced at the beginning of each month.

db will be built on top of a peer-to-peer network. Content will be distributed using file sharing protocols to the network’s subscribers. In order to promote decentralisation away from commercial platforms, we must start with our own efforts.

This is an experiment into the funding of creative works using decentralised tooling. We want to demonstrate that creative independence online is possible.

Opens soon.